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Rebecca Ryan

That's amazing! I can't believe she knew to expect babies on day 21! And faithfully returned to the nest!

Karen Rexrode

Yes, she was certainly dedicated. We will see how this goes, I have high hopes.

Donna Williamson

Fascinating - you must be having so much fun!


There are similarities to the surrigate motherhood in finches. Since Gouldian finches don't make good parents, many people use Society finches to raise the Gouldians. Very interesting! Great photos!

Karen Rexrode

That is interesting. So far one of the babies has died and she might have accidently stepped on it. Otherwise it's good, all are doing great. The funny part is seeing her in that half stance with little tiny feet sticking out from underneath. Thanks for comment Les.

Naomi Hoffman

My bantam hen in the UK was a wonderful mother and raised 4 ducklings. Everything was peachy until the ducklings wanted to go for a swim - the bantam Mom ran up and down the streambank, frantic! Please keep us updated on your chiquineas - I want to know if they learn to scratch like a hen. :)

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