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Carolyn @ Carolyns Shade Gardens

I love common milkweed and feel gardeners take it for granted. It does run but is perfect for a meadow-like setting. And as you say, the fragrance is amazing, it attracts butterflies, it's native, and the flowers are gorgeous. I dug some up from the roadside to get it into my garden and haven't regretted it.


Nurseries rarely carry the common milkweed, but we do get requests at the big nursery I work at. Hooray that people are thinking about the monarchs! If enough people ask, growers will grow it and retailers will sell it.

Naomi Hoffman

Your photos are just a delight, Karen. Beautiful. So sorry to hear about Moxie. I've never seen a spring peeper before. Also, next time I go near a grape vine I will keep an eye out for that Sphinx moth..wouldn't want to munch on him (or her) by mistake! That thing is huge!

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