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Enid Adams

Thanks so much for the kind words and beautiful photos, Karen. We got so much inspiration from your great plant combinations at Windy Hill Nursery. We've also learned a lot from Margo Reed & Jim Murphy about good daylily traits. It was such a treat having you visit the garden and see what we've been doing. Next year, please visit early in July for an even bigger show from the daylilies, hostas, larkspur & purple poppies, then return for lilies, crape myrtles, vitex & late blooming hems. Meanwhile we're planting out the class of 2013, dabbing on the class of 2011 and looking forward to seeing the class of 2012 bloom next year. Patience is a virtue I could use more of, but hopefully we'll get some daylilies that are worth the wait.


I hope to make it out to see the other seasons, and the class of 2012. Thanks Enid.

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