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I had a lot of butterflies in my yard, but I have had to rear and release them. I've been working with Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy on their Monarch Campaign. We've wrote a fact sheet for Highways about their management for wildlife using native plants. http://www.loudounwildlife.org/.../Highways_and_Byways.pdf

This is the main Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy Monarch Campaign webpage. Lots of information on how to help Monarch butterflies. When you help Monarchs you are helping other wildlife, too. http://www.loudounwildlife.org/Monarch_Campaign.html

Enid Adams

Ban praying mantises from your garden if you are a friend of butterflies. I was heartbroken last year to see one of the few monarchs that emerged had been devoured, it's fresh near-perfect wings barely used. I mowed around a huge stand of milkweed all year but only a few monarchs appeared. All 2013 mantis cases are going to the burn pile, unless the mantises develop a taste for stinkbugs, which they've shown no signs of.

dean osgood

Sadly Roundup and its chemical make up is the number one killer of milkweed and farming communities love the herbicide!!! Mantis eat everything and should not be killed else you will find many more unwanted critters in your garden! They are one of the few predators at the top of the insect food chain.


Some feel strongly that the Chinese mantis is a part of the butterfly decline. I know one gardener that collects the eggs to burn. The Carolina mantis is much smaller and infrequent here in Virginia, so I don't see it as any part of the problem. Too bad some of the farmers, in good gesture and PR, wouldn't edge their fields with Asclepias currasavica. Yes, I know, money and work-arounds...

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