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Joy B Llewallyn

What color bloom does this specific milkweed have? I don't think I have the correct one. Mine blooms yellow.


there are lots of milkweeds and any will do but the Mexican species blooms yellow with orange/red and flowers all summer. For that reason I find it's the best because the female will come for nectar and lay her eggs too. Asclepias tuberosa flowers yellow and it's hardier.


Cool...I was just reading in news today that a couple of groups want it added to list of threatened species.


And I believe it, I have only seen 8 this year. Last year I saw 27, most of them in the fall.

Enid Adams

I've seen one monarch butterfly lately, and one or two earlier in the season. I hope the early one visited the pink blooms and laid eggs, but there are still no caterpillars on any of my 75 3-6' asclepias. No need for your crew to go wanting if they devour all your leaves--I'll happily send you home with milkweed leaves and welcome any caterpillars who'd like a foster home with an endless food supply.


Hopefully you will see some action yet. Thank-you for the offer, we shall see.

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