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Stephanie Brock

I'm so sorry for your loss I know it's been difficult. I love your story though. Made me smile! Keep remembering the fun times and keep smiling often! Xoxo Steph

Rebecca Ryan

Glad the pain is over but this is such a huge loss! It's always great to hear about your adventures with Mona and I love the pictures you chose. We loved the food that came out of Mona's kitchen, especially the chocolately ones where she "baked off all the calories!" Mona was so good to us!


Karen, I'm so sorry for your loss. Keeping you and yours in my prayers. Love, Siu.


So sorry, Karen, that your dear friend is gone. Especially hard, because girlfriends, (the family you choose) are often closer than siblings.


I forgot about the "baked out all of the calories out" Becky. She did say that a lot. And thank-you Satya, Sui, and Steph. It's been a really tough 2 weeks, it's so hard to watch anyone suffer, especially someone who was supposed to be fine and live a long life. I never expected it and don't know how the nurse's and doctors can deal with it day to day. So sad.

laura mcdonald

Sending you a big hug Karen. I am so sorry...

Kim Gibson

I am so sorry Karen, loss is never easy, even when expected.

Ann Rice

I think I remember seeing her at your nursery! I am very sorry for your loss, especially of a dear girlfriend.
They (and dogs) are probably the best friends you will ever have.


This is a great tribute to remember our dear friend Mona . Thank you so much for caring for her until the end. You have been there for her through the years and through thick and thin. We band of three are now a band of two. I love you my friend. Thank you.


Thank-you all for your kindness. It really doesn't matter how much you know the end is near and even when you wish it would end for someone suffering, you feel a real emptiness when they are gone. You just can't prepare for that. Although it might be worse when they depart suddenly and there was no good-bye. India we do have a special bond, even after 44 years. XOX

Joy B Llewallyn

I am so very sorry for the loss of your dear friend. I remember her from our visit to Mexico City (India, as well). She will always remain in your heart. Hold the memories of her and they will help to sustain you through this.

Holly Pastori

So sorry, Karen. I enjoyed reading your tribute to this wonderful woman and friend. You certainly have an interesting background! Peace to you...

Ron Lubel

I was just looking up old friends and was very sad to see that Jerry and Mona had died. I grew up with Jerry in Brooklyn. Through the years he moved away and we lost touch. I remember when he lived with Mona in an apt in Queens.i went to Adelphi univ in garden city.
Jerry and Mona often visited the school.Jerry was 2 yrs older than me. I knew his whole family . We were very close friends growing up in Brooklyn.Did we ever meet? Did you ever visit them in ny?
I remember a friend of mona's visiting . I lived in merrick and went to Adelphi. How did jerry die? Such sad news.
Ron Lubel


Ron, We may have met, I did visit Mona at Adelphi and stayed with them in various locations. Both Mona and Jerry died of cancer. It is sad, Mona died about 7 years after Jerry. Both of them meant a lot to me.


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