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Pat Exum

I love reading your updates and seeing the flowers you have. Also your steampunk art is so cool. Tell Holley and Sarah hello for me if you see them.

Also miss your Windy Hill, not many nurseries close to us that compares­čśÄ

Hey Pat! I will see Holley this week. Since I'm not in camera club, I don't see Sara. Those were the good old days! Thanks for checking in my dear.


I think my Hamamelis virginiana just woke up!

Well Scott, mine blooms in the fall. I think you have an intermedia, or vernalis hybrid.


Hi Karen, I love the way you write & your photos. You are so talented & its always a delight to read your blog. Speaking of Hellebores, oh lord I'm in hellebore & camellia heaven right now. I bought one 4 weeks ago called 'Pennys Pink' I've kept it inside the house & Zeb & I have been agog the entire time at its amazingness. It could be, the most amazing plant I've ever owned! I also paid a visit on Saturday to Trehane Camellia Nursery in Dorset, they had a sale. I bought 7 new varieties of camellia japonica, all deep burgundy red, never saw them at Merrifield. I spent 3.5 hours there, just absorbing all the wonderful camellias. I'll post photos to your FB page. Varieties I bought: Free Spirit, Candy Apple, Konronkoku, Dahlonega,(cream) Freedom Bell, Bob's Tinsie, and lastly Kramers Supreme. (May have at Merrifield.) They are in the house at the moment to protect them from frost. Hope you are doing well, Naomi.


I should also mention right next door to Trehane is Knoll Gardens, owned by Neil Lucas. He is probably the UK's top ornamental grass specialist. Most of the grasses have been cut down at the moment, but its still a lovely garden. Lots of lovely New Zealand plants I am trying to get acquainted with.

Naomi, I would be walking on air to be in such a horticultural wonderland! We do sell Helleborus 'Penny's Pink' at Merrifield. A new break through in colored foliage which will surely lead the way to outstanding new hybrids. I will check out the camellias, just wish more were fragrant. New Zealand plants, oh be still my heart!

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