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Love this post and the flowers of Fling. I declare that Coneflowers~all the Echinacea species and cultivars are the Fling2017 signature plant! Thank you for the info on the Echinacea laevigata, I thought it was E pallida.

Helen at Toronto Gardens

Lovely photos and good commentary, Karen. It was good to chat with you in our (drippy) back seat at the Fling.

Karen Rexrode

Gail - I would have passed right by and not given that echinacea another thought, but low and behold, I learned something new.
Helen, I had forgotten all about that drip!


Such beautiful photos, and I love all the coneflowers!

Karen Rexrode

Pam, There were repetitive rudbeckia's and stokesia, but in my opinion the echinacea's ruled!

Lisa at Greenbow

Another good way to look at the Fling Gardens.

Karen Rexrode

Lisa, With my background as a grower, I go straight to the specifics of a plant and its culture. I especially loved the greenhouse at Hillwood for just that reason.

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