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Karen, those grands are precious! How cool to have a redhead! I remember your mom had red hair too. But not as vibrant as Juniper.

Karen Rexrode

Joy, Don't you think it looks exactly like grandpa's? I find it amazing how genes skip around. Leslie has his fingernails.

Shelley miller

Karen, I loved your post and it made me realize how long it's been since we have gotten together. Three grands fit you and I have two now! And I remember your friend Mona and sadly when she passes. Thanks for sharing this and the photos and please let's get together soon and catch up

Laura McDonald

Hope to see you soon Plant Lady so I can give you a big hug! Still miss Windy Hill Happy hour - dead heading daylilies & talking about plants, photography & life. Much love to you & your beautiful family.

Karen Rexrode

Laura, Oh Happy Hour at the Plant Farm, those were the days! And Shelley, you're right, I will give you a call. Love you both!

Elin Emilsson

Lovely pictures. Sad about the passing of Mona's dad. I do remember him vividly. I was so happy to have gotten to see Mona in 2013 in our fabulous trip.
and your grandchildren are SOMETHING else!!1
Hope to see you soon!

Karen Rexrode

Elin, Everytime I see your picture I remember our wonderful trip. You are so kind and Mona's father was very special. At his young age of 96 (or so) he was sharp and inquisitive. I hope you are well my dear friend.

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