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Casa Mariposa

OMG! Don't leave!!!! I miss you already!

Karen Rexrode

Tammy, Fridays are my Warrenton days, so I will be visiting your beautiful gardens, let's just plan it!

Cathy B

I know you will be missed terribly, Karen, but I look forward to seeing what beautiful things you create in 2019 and beyond. I hope not to lose touch completely since I won't find you at Merrifield anymore! I loved seeing the photos above as a window into your family life. Love to you and all of yours for the holidays!


What a great month for you!
Hope 2019 is filled with more of your wonders.
Thank you for correcting my errors.

Karen Rexrode

Best wishes for you in 2019 as well, things are really looking up for you and congratulations!

Karen Rexrode


It was always good to work with you and I will miss my fellow employees. We will stay in touch socially, and hopefully our paths will cross again.

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