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Always nosy, I checked Google maps to see where you went. There are aren't a lot of volcanoes in Wisconsin, so how did that peninsula form? Sure enough, it's part of the Niagara Escarpment. (For a little clue, check out Niagara Escarpment, Brussels, WI.) There's an explanation of the formation in the URL below.

So there, you've been on both sides of the Escarpment. I wonder if it's possible to walk from The Falls to Wisconsin...?

Karen Rexrode

Wow, it looks like you may have to boat or swim parts of it, but it's certainly part of the escarpment. As you pointed out when I visited you, in Cambridge you are south of Sister Bay, Wisconsin. You grow tobacco, they grow cherries. I noticed the big, squarish rocks and commented on them. It's beautiful countryside, especially the bluffs which are the high point of Door County.


It would be worth the walk/swim. There's the Bruce Trail from Niagara to Tobermory and a ferry across to Manitoulin Island (the world's largest freshwater island I've heard.) After that it's a bit dicey.

An interesting thing about cherries; across the lake Traverse City, MI is the largest producer of tart cherries. (Not sure how many tarts that would be.) What is it about the region that favors cherry growing, climate, soil, established infrastructure?

One more point, there's too much in this blog post. Jens Jensen probably deserves his own post... just sayin'. ;-) Going back soon?

Karen Rexrode

From what I understand the soil in that part of Wisconsin is limestone beneath (high pH) with acidic conifer debris on top and very little topsoil. Perhaps the reason so many tart (more tarts in Michigan???)cherries grow there. As for The Clearing Folk School and Jens Jensen, we were there late, they had closed, but we snooped around anyway. I do hope to go back and definitely spend more time at his former home. Next year!

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