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Dan Weil

The larkspur is glorious

The cicada symphony hit here today, a jolly accompaniment to
the tinnitus that gives me no peace. I think the cicadas are beautiful, but in limited numbers. Your shot of one on rudbeckia ls lovely..


Feeling a little better these days, thank you very much!

A friend down by Lynchburg had a hound who would pick up Cicadas while out walking, bring them all the way home, spitting them out alive an hour or so later. True story!

Hope you're keeping well KWR. <3

Judy Zatsick

Summer is here! Time to work in the morning, finish by noon. But it was a glorious spring! Onto new plants and combinations, daylilies, lilies, echinacea and rudbeckia, coreopsis, canna, coleus and salvia rein. Hope the class went well.


I understand that dogs love to eat them, apparently this one just likes to carry them. And Judy, the class was on maintenance and tools, it went well. It was a glorious cool spring, we are due for heat.

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