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Joy Llewallyn

How exciting! Be on the lookout for my exhusband. He now lives there, somewhere. One day I will get to Monticello!

Christina Wren

How wonderful Karen. I am so envious! Best of everything. Big hug.

Sylvia Thomason

To all the old ladies who age in the gardens of their dreams, a toast to rain, good soil and pollinators in abundance.
Karen, Charlottesville's gain, hope our paths cross once again in the near future.

Cathy Blowerrs

Sounds like a wonderful change is coming. I moved to be closer to my first grand daugher and also had cataract surgery which allowed me to ditch the glasses I had worn for 50 years! It was amazing! I'm a little envious of your garden plans, given I now live in a condo with only a small balcony. I have, however, become an avid indoor gardener where my monstera thrives under skylights. I am where I should be.

Karen A Rexrode

I'm happy you know where you should be. It's a struggle to figure that out. But you and your monstera, living the good life. Take care Cathy.

Karen A Rexrode

Thank-you all for your comments. I feel relieved to finally share what's been going on. Reach out to me if you are in the area, please.


So happy for you guys! There is nobody that deserves this more than you. I will be in touch about that topsoil/compost soon. Lots to catch up on! Enjoy your new home ❤️

Karen A Rexrode

Well, I can hardly wait to see you. I love your garden photos. It looks like heaven.

India Mitchell

Beautiful flowers!!!

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